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Special Concerns for Infants and Pregnant Women

Special Concerns for Babies with Asthma

Infants’ lungs do not work as well as those of older children. They are more likely to have severe problems if not treated early. Keep regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments even when your child is well. Start treatment quickly and follow the asthma action plan your child’s doctor made for handling symptoms.

The following are signs that let you know that the baby should be seen for emergency care:

Be prepared and start the asthma action plan. Have a plan to get to the hospital and know who will watch the other children.

Special Concerns for Pregnant Asthmatic Women

If you are pregnant and have asthma, you and your doctor will discuss how to avoid possible problems that are common if not treated correctly.

Make sure you:

If you have questions about the use of asthma medicine, remember that if your asthma is not under control, your lungs are not delivering enough oxygen to your baby. Stopping these medicines, creates a greater risk than taking asthma medicines that you are not comfortable with.


Asthma medicines will not cause problems for your baby if you decide to breast feed.